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St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School​

Items on the agenda for July 26, 2016 

St. Teresa School Board meetings are open to all stakeholders of St. Teresa School.  Only items added to the agenda will be covered at the meeting.  Call the school to get any items added to the agenda at least 48 hours before the meeting otherwise the item may not make it onto the agenda until the next meeting.  Meetings will take place at 6:00 PM at Coyote Del Malpais Golf Course unless noted otherwise.

School Board Meetings

  • President - Vacant
  • Vice President - Susan Herrera
  • Secretary - Vacant
  • Treasurer - JP Moleres
  • Oscar Jimenez
  • Dolores Vallejos
  • Maxine Spidle
  • Don Webb
  1. ​​School Parent and Ambassador group.

  2. New Principal items

  3. ​Replacing vacant board positions.

  4. Marketing

Current Board Members