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St. Teresa of Avila Catholic School​

Registration Fees:

  • Total amount is $195* per student which includes a $100 Registration Fee, a Student Activities Fee of $35 and a Testing & Technology Fees of $60.00 per student (PRE-K Program $25.00).

*If a family has more than one student attending our school the activity fee is a flat rate of $50. Families with two students have a registration fee of $185 per student, three students would be $177 per student, and four students would be $172.50 per student.  Registration fees can be applied to the tuition bill and added into the monthly payment plan.

Tuition Payment Options: 

  • 10 monthly payments of $245 due the 1st of each month (billed the 25th of each month from July 2016 thru May 2017) Two Students $450.00 a month; Three Students $600.00 a month

  • 12 monthly payment of $205 due the 1st of each month (billed the 25th of each month from July 2016 thru July 2017)

  • Lump sum payment of $2,205 for 1 student which includes a 10% discount

Fundraising and Volunteer Obligations:

  • A minimum of 20 volunteer hours is required per family, per school year to support school activities. Accounts will be charged for any unfulfilled hours.

  • Each family is asked to show their support by participating in the following fundraising obligations totaling $200:


Chocolate Bar or Pizza Package Sale: Minimum of 1 box or $50.00 in sales
Avon Sale: Sell or purchase items totaling a minimum of $25
Annual Lottery: Purchase or sale a total of 1 ticket $100
Annual Dinner/Dance: Minimum purchase of $25


We will publish any scholarship opportunities that are applicable to our students.   Tuition scholarship applications/grants generally start coming out around February for next upcoming school year.  Parents are also encouraged to search out any opportunities to apply for scholarships and/or tuition grants.  We are currently accepting applications for the Ronnie Baca scholarship until July 26th.  Please come by the school during office hours for an application.